Sunday, August 19, 2007

a very clogged pipe (or: spending a day fixing plumbing under the fourth floor sink.)

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one pipe was clogged, which led to finding another pipe that was corroded and leaking, which wouldn't come off even with the help of a blowtorch and wd40, which led to a trip to home depot to buy a rubber boot and nipple (plumbing terms, folks), which of course threw everything out of alignment, which led to another trip to home depot where kevin the plumbing section employee taught me ancient plumbing wisdom, which led to me carefully cutting it out from the inside with a sawzall and cold chizel (and a triumphant shout when said pipe dislodged), which got replaced with a new pipe, that then led to finding another pipe that had corroded through and was leaking, inspiring another trip to home depot only to realize my wallet had stayed home, which necessitated a return trip for pipe, which eventually got fixed, which led to finding a third leaking pipe (actually the gasket inside was shot), which could only be replaced by replacing the two pipes adjecent to it (due to lack of choices in the plumbing department of home depot), which resulted in me buying about 10 pieces of pipe of various lengths and configuration because i didn't want to go back to home depot for a FOURTH time (last one had me biking in the rain), which finally (24 hours later), does not seem to be leaking anymore.

if there was a lesson to be learned here, it might be that it's best to leave a clogged drain clogged. or it could be that kevin-the-plumbing-guy-at-home-depot taught a man to fish today.

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