Thursday, October 30, 2008

painting the fourth floor

painting has come to represent the near-end of any given project. notice the smiles. everybody is happy to be at this point. and the apartment is really starting to feel good, and come together.
this is the new wall, with one of the two french doors hung. you can't see it very well, but on the left side of the picture you can make out a
frosted window we hung, to let a little more light in from the bedroom window to the rest of the apartment.
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fireplace discovery and cool light.

so, while replacing/tearing out the old baseboard, i accidentally broke the cover that someone had fashioned before we came along. after some on the spot deciding, the fisher's decided to go ahead an uncover it. it's pretty neat, and has potential to become a nice feature with a little tlc.

and here's the new dining light the fisher's installed above their table.
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4th floor mayhem

we just came through a big push on the fourth floor. here's some pics that capture the general feeling of those weeks. most of the fisher's apartment was piled in their kitchen area so we could refinish some parts of the floor that hadn't been done earlier.
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cindy caught drinking paint.

it's the ones you least expect.
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Monday, October 20, 2008

installing the fourth floor kitchen floor

not really pics of the process, but more of the finished floor. it really came out nice, and looks like it's been there for years. fits right in.

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work wound

thabo used his eye to pry some nails out of an old board. this is what happened.
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first blue crabs cooked in our apartment

in some ways, this is what it's all about. blue crabs from brooklyn chinatown, cooked up by our friend jonny. you may remember him from earlier posts where he was caught painting our front door a controversial color.
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tearing out the fourth floor bedroom wall

i've decided not to comment on the ridiculous amount of time that's passed since i last posted to this blog, in the hopes that it's gone unnoticed. here's some pics of the 3rd floor bedroom wall coming down. we took it out after we took the closet out, to make room for a new wall. the new wall will (does) allow for a larger bedroom and french doors. dust, dust, dust. yes, that's the fisher's bed under the plastic sheet.
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