Sunday, March 9, 2008

mason is an awesome guy.

here's why:
1) he worked really hard on our house today.
2) i'm pretty sure i'm his favorite uncle.
3) he's fun to hang around, and he's thoughtful and nice to people.
d) he worked really hard on our house today.

that's him in most of the pics, suited up for serious battle with a wall. the plaster didn't stand a chance.
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more sanding.

check out the stairhole shot! the black post is the center column for the spiral stairs that we will install.
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sanding floors

today, my sister heidi and bro-in-law rod and nephew-most-awesome mason drove up (at 5am no less) from PA and spent the day helping us sand floors and expose a brick wall. wow, did they get a lot of work done! we sanded three floors and cleaned plaster from a brick wall, and i think they still made it back to PA by 8pm. plus, my dad picked up our spiral stairs for us in Philly, and they brought them up on their truck. big day for us today. big day. thanks family!

check out the fireplace in the first pic. melissa has put a bunch of elbow grease mixed with baking soda and eye of newt into bringing back some of its luster. many poultices were applied, and the cement/plaster middle is going to get a fresh coat of paint. it won't look perfect, but it will look a lot better than it did, thanks to melissa. plus, if it looked perfect, i'm not sure it would fit in this house...

painting the duplex living room

leigh anna came over last sunday and helped us do a bunch of painting. she's awesome. this room was a pretty depressed gray color; we think maybe it was an attempt at "off-white." it had a debilitating effect on the psyche.
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he came from under the stoop...

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

thabo builds a sink.

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bedroom floor part deux

the floor went together fairly easily and quickly, and made the room look much nicer. cindy and i promptly moved in. it's tight, but it's clean and private, which is saying something.
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bedroom floor

this is from a few weeks ago, too. scott and i laid this bedroom floor, with a pergo-type product. the pine boards weren't in good enough condition to refinish here, and the pergo won out over carpet. scott is a natural at this, just look at his poise and grace.
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thank goodness for good friends.

some pictures from a few weeks ago, when our good friends adriana and scott came over for a saturday and helped us paint and lay flooring. we heart them and it was really nice to get to spend a day with them. so much of this house has been made better by friends and family lending a hand....kind of like an amish barn raising, except in brooklyn and not a barn. so far, no actual amish either.

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