Sunday, December 16, 2007


some more pics of the drywalling that happened over the past few days, and our friend gary. i took a few days off from work to work with gary, and we listened to a ton of music while working. lots of conversation about bands, music styles, faith, new york, friends, life, love, and drywall.
thanks, gary! you are one of a kind.

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insulation, gary, progress!

so we did some soundproofing by insulating some of the walls before drywalling them, then we commenced hanging drywall like crazy. the amazing gary arrived with his smile and drywall tools from seattle, and brought tons of good energy and laughter to the house for the past week. he slept on a futon in the middle of this mess, and covered his bed with a plastic dropcloth during the day to keep it clean, that's how freakin' cool gary is.

the picture at the bottom is of gary wondering why he got himself into this mess in the first place...

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building new things, finally.

so, we finally made it to the point where we aren't just tearing our house apart and stirring up plaster dust. new walls! it felt good to be building again, and to watch our plan take shape. this was part of a big push over the past two weeks, in which we got a TON done, compared to the progress we've made lately. my good friend gary was coming in for a visit from the northwest, and had agreed to do some drywall, so we were frantically trying to get some walls ready for him to work on. long days of working, lots of home depot runs, and plenty of christmas music (including aimee mann, blind boys of alabama, amy grant, over the rhine, sufjan stevens, and much, much, much more).
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o' dusty christmas tree, reminder of normalcy...

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photo courtesy lowell brown.

a fisher kind of christmas...

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working on the floor.

here's the fun we had a few weeks ago, working on the subfloor under the new bathroom. each time we took up a layer, we'd find more problems. this is probably (hopefully) the worst corner/floor in the house, due to past water damage and roaches and general nastiness. we tried to clean it up as much as possible, reinforce everything, and lay fresh flooring.
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