Sunday, December 16, 2007

building new things, finally.

so, we finally made it to the point where we aren't just tearing our house apart and stirring up plaster dust. new walls! it felt good to be building again, and to watch our plan take shape. this was part of a big push over the past two weeks, in which we got a TON done, compared to the progress we've made lately. my good friend gary was coming in for a visit from the northwest, and had agreed to do some drywall, so we were frantically trying to get some walls ready for him to work on. long days of working, lots of home depot runs, and plenty of christmas music (including aimee mann, blind boys of alabama, amy grant, over the rhine, sufjan stevens, and much, much, much more).
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amanda + daniel said...

did i see an amy grant in there.....?