Tuesday, August 14, 2007

knock down, drag out 4th floor extravaganza. and pie.

The only thing between us and a couple weeks respite is finishing the 4th floor and getting it rented. So we've been trying to focus our energies (and the energies of several helpful friends) to git er done. That's been complicated by the various problems that refuse to go away--un-plumb door jams, various radiator and (yikes) roof leaks, a random virus or two, and the distraction of living our everyday lives, just to name a few. Here are a couple of things we've managed to "git done" during the last week or so:

Finished the floors with natural tung oil (no tung in cheek comments, please)

Refinished a tub ( only "before" pictures available, and who wants to look at a dirty tub?)
Replaced the bathroom and front doors. Neither of these pictures are "before" pictures. The bathroom doors just salvaged. Yes, we have windows in our bathroom door.
Did some serious painting (many thanks to friends pictured)
And......baked some peach pies with the peaches from our tree in the back yard! Ok, so maybe not all of our energies have been focused on the 4th floor.

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amanda + daniel said...

melissa looks so cute & happy about the pie. dan looks scarily delirious...have you been sleeping?!