Monday, August 27, 2007

fourth floor rented, working on the hallway.

first things first, i'm happy to report that cindy has found our second tenant. we are now officially a full household, which is great. we're pretty darn close to our goal/timeline for finishing up the two upstairs apartments and getting them rented out, and i think we're all glad for that.

lately we've been focusing attention on the hallway. there's a bit of drywall work to be done, and we're continuing to work at putting the staircase back together and shoring it up a bit more. and we've started painting it, and it's been nice to see quick results. this weekend mike and sarin helped us put the first coat on the bannister and risers and hallway trim, even though it was ridiculously humid.

some neighbors on our block had a fundraiser for the american cancer society this weekend; the third annual event. it was pretty neat to see people from the block putting so much time and effort into a good cause. lots of positive vibes, which was really nice.

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