Wednesday, July 11, 2007

kitchen work, etc.

one of the projects i worked on this weekend was building a small shelf behind the stove and extending the countertop to make room for a dish drain in the 3rd floor apt. (compare to earlier kitchen pic for contrast). thabo plumbed in the sink and is working on ceiling fans and fixtures.

we also started to refinish the wood floors on the fourth floor, and spent most of last sunday running floor sanders. everybody got to take a turn, so this is truly a group project. i debated posting pictures of our progress so far, but have decided to hold out so that i can do a photo essay (if you will) showing the process from start to finish.

and, a pipe on the fourht floor sprung a leak, so thabo and i spent way too much time trying to fix it. with no success. we got the leak to stop, but haven't got the pipes back together so that the water works in the bathroom up there. very frustrating.

oh, and cindy and melissa painted the fourth floor bathroom last week, too.
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