Monday, July 2, 2007

commercial break.

since i'm feeling badly that we aren't updating the blog at the pace that our audience desires and, dare i say... demands, and since i'm currently not at home (read: at work) and don't have access to post pics of recent work projects, it's time for another commercial break:

most of you have probably seen or heard of this blog, but i thought i'd post it in case you haven't. it's about a guy who bartered a paperclip for a house. pretty impressive, and a good example of how the www can work for you (assuming you have a paperclip that you want to get rid of)!

also, if you have a question you'd like to ask about our house, the work, etc., please post a comment, tell us who your question is directed at (thabo, melissa, cindy, dan, the cats that climb around on our fire escape, or the roaches), and i'll do my best to track them down, get the answer, and post it along with your question on an upcoming blog.

here's an example:

nathan g. from everett, wa writes: "could you ask thabo how he feels microloan programs could aid someone who is interested in starting a green business, and how the current renovations you are doing on your house reflect this?"

thabo's response: "When Russia and the United States speak along the same lines, it tends to have an effect, and therefore I appreciate the Russians’ attitude in the United Nations,” he said. “We’re close on recognizing that we got to work together to send a common message.”

hopefully that answer's nathan's question, and sheds some light on the situation. that's the sort of personalized, in-depth information you can expect when you interact with our blog.

pictures of recent work projects to come shortly.

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