Friday, July 6, 2007

Hanging Cabinets for our Country

On the fourth we hung cabinets. Actually, Cindy had to work, Melissa and I took a break for a nice long picnic with friends in the park and Dan went to a concert, but when we weren't doing that we were hanging cabinets. Anthony Showalter came over after the picnic and helped out. I feel badly that we didn't get a picture of him helping, so here's a picture of him from his profile on Amazon. (Anthony, I must say you look a bit blank. Perhaps a picture with more facial detail would get a better response.) The response you're getting from us is a great big thanks!

Anthony as seen
on Amazon

The (almost) finished product

After dark a couple more friends joined us for fireworks on our roof. We could see three different displays, but couldn't here any of the booms. Silent fireworks are kind of eerie.


santhonys said...

hahaha... very funny. Loved helping out and I'll direct you to my facebook profile if you want to grab some real pictures.

Can't wait to see the finished 4th floor cabinets.


Linda said...

This kitchen has come a long way since Memorial Day! It is really shaping up! Looks GREAT!