Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's next?

Dan offers prayers that the roaches are gone for good

There's so much to do in this house that it's a bit overwhelming trying to decide what comes next. We've made two different prioritized lists, but our plans keep changing. Contributing to the challenge is the fact that most of our work sessions last only a few hours in the evenings, so it's hard to dive into big projects. Sometimes even those short sessions are interrupted. For instance, tonight we're supposed to go an pick up kitchen cabinets we're buying off craigslist for our 1st floor kitchen. Now that we've scared away all the roaches, we're going to try and set up shop down there.


Linda said...

Great caption on that picture!

And just want to let you know that while we are floating in a friend's pool up in Connecticut this weekend, we'll send good thoughts your way. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

ryan said...

wow - ya'll ut me to shame as a blogger and a remodler.

13ef said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeee! you guys rock. i'm so happy for you... all of you.
here's to remodeling, drywall, durarock, quickrete and all the nails, dust and bugs you never want to see again!
this is a great way to keep me up to speed!