Tuesday, June 26, 2007

time for a new fridge

this concluded the ongoing debate about whether to keep the existing fridge on the first floor. those are cute, little, cuddly roach eggs.
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Keith M said...

While a breeze through the blog was most entertaining and uplifting (to see someone in ANOTHER city labor on someone ELSE'S ancient house), I am yet drawn to this most peculiar post. I could swear that I got rid of the same stuff when a MOUSE died and was trapped in the motor compartment of our fridge. This stuff was all around his "nest" and I took it to be his externalization of his otherwise internal evile. Poop. Now, DC mouse poop just COULD be the same thing, philosophiclly speaking, as NYC roach eggs, but I'm just sayin.

Congrats on the pad and the hard work.

Keith (Miller)