Friday, June 8, 2007

closet work continues

here's two pics of thabo and the now-torn out closet. in the bottom picture, you can see where the skylight is in the ceiling (that was in the closet, will now be a nice feature in the apartment).

we finished tearing out the closet on the fourth floor last night. plaster dust galore. nothing like a thin layer of plaster dust on your coffee pot to start the work day right... two pipes that were in the closet have to be dealt with; one of them appears to be a now-defunct sewer line, the other an in-use gas line that connects to the stove in that apartment. that will require a professional's touch to move, i think. also, melissa went to the upper west side last night, and bought some cabinets and a stove from craigslist. which is super helpful.

the neighbors tell us that if we get to know the garbage guy and "tip" him, he'll take some of the bigger, heavier trash on trash day. speaking of neighbors, i have gotten to know more neighbors in my first week here, than i ever did in my almost two years in manhattan. interesting.

we now have internet at home, which means pictures will follow shortly.

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adriana said...

i'm loving the blog...thanks for the updates - i'm sure it's much more fun to read than to be there working :) i want to come by this week...maybe friday?? give cindy my love