Saturday, April 24, 2010

laundry room counter

These are from 01/10, and show the installation of the cabinet/countertop configuration of the laundry room. We went back and forth on whether to tile this, and ultimately decided to go with cabinet-grade plywood and some polyurethane, with the idea that if we didn't like it, we could tile it later. First pic shows the countertop upside down with the cutouts for the toilet and the back door.

Here's the countertop on and the hinged lid above the toilet installed.
Here's the sink installed and cabinet doors.
This is what it looks like when you open up the hidden super-secret toilet compartment. The idea being that when there are events in the backyard, this toilet can be used instead of going all the way up to the third or fourth floors. There will be a blind on the back door window, and a sliding door/screen on the other side of the washer/dryer for privacy.
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amanda + daniel said...

whoa, this super secret toilet is really blowing my mind! what other sneaky things do you guys have hiding around your house....?