Saturday, April 24, 2010

Repointing and repair to the front

For reference, the first two are a couple of pics of the house, from 2007 when we bought it. We decided a few months ago to start contacting contractors and price out repairing the brick and brownstone, the concrete courtyard, and our sidewalk. After getting a recommendation from a neighbor, we found a great guy who started right away.

The bottom two pics show brickwork; they've removed all of the old grout from between the bricks and cleaned the paint off of the outside of the brick. They've also ground/chipped down the brownstone around the windows and doors, and are prepairing it for a base coat.

The cornice can be seen in the bottom picture (looking up). They have stripped the old paint from it and are replacing rotted and missing pieces. They are having the moldings cut to match.
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