Monday, May 12, 2008

may is busy, bordering on crazy.

no pics at the moment, but:
now that our third floor tenant has moved out, we are really going at the work on the third floor. exhausting is a word that comes to mind. the reason we're in such a rush, is that our goal is to move in there (dan and cindy) by the end of this month. and there's a lot to do before it's in good enough shape to be lived in. once we move in, and thabo and melissa move in to the fourth floor, we hope to find a renter, and have the duplex rented out june 1. because mortgage payments don't make themselves, you know...

this past weekend we continued floor work, among other projects. in order to make a usable floor, we stole floorboards from the 1st floor hallway (which will eventually get tiled or linoleumed or something). we took out bad (cracking, cut-up) boards and replaced them with ones from the hallway that were in better shape. we also took the opportunity to blow in insulation into the floor, with the hopes that it will help with sound deadening. the plan is to forge ahead this week, and refinish the floor, so that we can stain/poly it before the weekend (so we can continue on other projects).

the fireplace that we exposed last week is looking better and better; cindy and melissa have chiseled out the old mortar between the bricks and cleaned out loose bricks. it's now ready to be cleaned, have the loose bricks reset and remortar the whole thing. this may or may not happen in may. maybe. mayhap.

pics to follow soon, hopefully.

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adriana said...

friends. i know you´re exhausted, but just think how awesome your space will be. soon, so very soon. keep up the hard work. wish i was there to help. really, i do.