Monday, May 5, 2008

3rd floor weekend explosion of work happiness!

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okay, after a week or so of relative down time for the four of us, we have jumped back in. the third floor tenant has moved out as planned, and on saturday we started work up there. that's where cindy and i will live, and the work we are doing to the apartment feels a little more exciting for us, because it's stuff we want to do to make it our home. so, we tore out two closets to open up the apartment and give it more floor space, pulled the plaster off a fireplace to expose the brick, and pulled up flooring. our friends annie, jad, leigh anna, and tracy all came over to help us, which was SO NICE OF THEM! thank you friends, for being friends, and for helping us. with all of those people helping, we formed some pretty effective trash lines out the back window and down the fire escape to add trash to the giant trash pile. saturday was an amazing and productive day. and very dirty.

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