Sunday, September 23, 2007

onward, hallway!

back to work!!! it seems that our various breaks, slacking, travelling, and concentrating on other things is over, or at least we're focusing back on the house again. last week we had a planning meeting at the kitchen table, and came up with a rough-ish plan for work on the duplex apartment. that's the one we live in together. so yes, we'll be renovating it while we live there. jealous?

this weekend, we tackled the hallway again. thabo did some drywall and trim work, and the trim painting continued in the front foyer area. also worked on stripping some pieces of the stair treads that fit around the bannister spindles. i'll post a photo montage of that whole process in a few days for a start-to-finish look at it.

we've also got a few broken spindles in the bannister. luckily, thabo's grandfather is a woodworker, so we're hoping to ask him to make a few replacements for us. i think that would add some good karma to this house, to have as much family input and ancient wisdom in the work as possible.

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adriana said...

the new colors are looking great guys! so much better than the dark red/brown/weird color from before!!

let me know if there's a time i could come over to help again - i'm ready and willing!

Anonymous said...

i'm concerned about the conspicuous lack of capitals in your blog. it's a good thing you're not working on a greek revival mansion.