Monday, September 10, 2007

lull in the action, recap on flood

not much has happened since the last post. we've all taken a much needed break to focus on other parts of our lives, and to just rest a minute and not do house work. it's been really nice not to come home and change into work clothes and start on a house project right away.

oh, there was a small disaster; we had a night of really heavy rain a few weeks ago that flooded subways and a lot of basements. we checked our basement a few days later (why a few days later? umm....), and it was dry. THEN, a few weeks later, we realized a lot of our boxed belongings that were on the basement floor had wet and moldy bottoms. so, evidently our basement did flood, then drained, and we let it sit there and get good and moldy. ruined some books and (worse) personal photos. had to spend a night cleaning that up and trying to salvage photos. very depressing.

the plan is to continue working and finishing up the hallway, then we'll tackle the bottom two floors. but first, we have to figure out what we're going to do down there...

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