Thursday, May 24, 2007

we have closing!...scheduled

After a couple of conference calls this morning, everyone finally got on the same page and we have a closing scheduled for Tuesday the 29th at 3:00! I was amused by the fact that both calls happened with everyone present...except the buyers. I think everyone in this process probably feels that if they never get another phone call from yours truely, it will be too soon. But it has finally paid off and we have a closing scheduled! Barring a cancellation of all flights from Puerto Rico or the discovery of buried treasure on the property, we should all be gathered on Tuesday to end this chapter of our adventure and get started on the next! And Dan and Cindy will only have to spend a couple nights on other people's couches. What a relief!


Jean said...

Hey, it's Friday and we are still seeing only a scheduled closing! Will actually living in this house be so time-consuming that blogging will fall by the wayside?

Linda said...

Congratulations!!! And by the way, you've been tagged. It's sort of like getting a chain letter, only slightly less annoying. Hopefully you will have some fun with it.
Visit my blg vor details.

Linda said...

P.S. - sorry about the sticky keyboard.