Tuesday, May 15, 2007


okay, since the last post, not too much has happened. one thing that has happened is that the architect we have been meeting with decided he wasn't the right match for the job (not familiar with c of o stuff, permits, etc.) and referred us to another architect. we're working on setting that up.
also, the word in the air this week is that paperwork is getting signed, things are getting done, and we may be closing by the end of the week. needless to say, we'd all love it if that happened, but aren't banking on it.
thabo and i also discussed putting an outdoor bowling alley in the backyard, as a way of using up some of the vast amount of concrete that the current owners poured over the entire backyard. we got into the nitty gritty of it; some sort of chain mechanism attached to the pins, so that you could pull a lever to right them, building a trough behind the pins for ball return, etc. between that and the climbing wall idea, we're going to have a sports complex back there.
or just a garden.
probably just a garden.

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amanda + daniel said...

backyard bowling sounds sweet!