Monday, April 30, 2007

not quite closing...

we learned two days ago that the survey of the property hasn't been done yet, and we can't close without that, so we are delayed. possibly 2-3 weeks. ugh. we're all in the process of packing and working out logistics, and an indefinite delay makes planning pretty difficult. we were briefly considering renting the house from the current owner until we close, but that's not a possibility, so we're scrambling to figure out housing/packing while we wait for a new closing date. thabo's doing lots of phone calling with the attorney, mortgage guy, title people, etc. to try and get things sped up.

good news: the menno house has given us two big flower boxes that will help provide some instant green until we can really get to work on the backyard and planting (which might not be for a while). always good for the spirit to have some plants around. thanks lowell, for the boxes.

and, we found a pretty good quote for homeowner's insurance, so that's in the works.

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gmu said...

it's all very exciting and confusing at the same time. I admire you two/four for stepping up like this. Strange that us bipedal mammals would end up living with so much complexity just to have a roof over our heads!

From the photos the house looks like it could be pretty cool. Especially if you keep true to the style it was built. What fun to delve into that research. Of course that would mean you can only use vintage hand tools from the 20's right?