Thursday, April 19, 2007

here it is.

so, this is the first post chronicling this adventure that we're embarking on together. in a nutshell, we (dan and cindy, thabo and melissa) are buying a home in brooklyn. together. we're planning to move in, renovate, rent out part of it, and live in the rest. here's what the house looks like.

that's cindy standing in front of the house.

and a picture of the back of the house.
it needs a lot of work.

currently, we're waiting on the official closing of the house, which is supposed to happen at the end of the month (realtor and mortgage guy tell us we're on track). yesterday, we met with a prospective architect and electrician and they walked through the place with us. i eyeballed the basement as a prospective music room... then, we got tea at a coffeeshop and looked through some of the architect's previous work. we also talked about moving plans, and what it will feel like to actually walk into the place when it's officially ours. we made tentative plans to celebrate on closing day by knocking down an added wall on the parlour floor, to open up temporary bedroom space for one couple to sleep in while we do work on the rest of the building. i think we're all pretty excited at this point, and trying to do our best to plan for a summer of cramped living (we'll share space for a while), and lots of dirty work.

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