Wednesday, July 30, 2008

some thoughts on the project.

no pics this time, just a quick post to say that life is moving forward at ourbrooklynhome. we're in kind of a transition phase, i think. we're all still settling in/getting used to having our own apartments, and cindy and i are setting up house for the first time ever by ourselves (this place was our second communal home since being married). the third floor apartment is 99% complete, and i will post pictures of it soon to prove it. it feels very nice, we love it. this weekend we ordered take out and watched a movie in our living felt so normal and special and celebratory to be doing something like that in our own clean space!

spending the last month or so working on our own apartment has been an interesting experience. i feel really lucky that we got to design our own space, and pick out furniture and fixtures, etc., that we picked because we like them, they represent some expression of our personalities. at the same time, i've felt sort of overloaded by spending time and attention on material things; especially when outfitting the apartment with chairs, curtains, etc. i realized i've never spent this much time or energy on thinking about my shelter/housing before, at least not all at once the way we have over the past few months. i think a lot of this has to do with feeling shell-shocked from multiple trips to ikea. those of you who have been there, you know the exhaustion that no amount of cheap swedish meatballs can assuage. still, thumbs up for ikea.

we're gearing up for some demo work on the fourth floor in august. more on that as it develops. i'm recommitting to posting more frequently too.

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Jean said...

Dan and Cindy, I'm just agreeing that you have made your space so lovely. I like all the little special things you've included and the way you've made your bedroom into a space that you can use in other ways too. Nice! Communal living is OK, I guess, but your own apartment with good friends on the next floor is even better!