Saturday, April 19, 2008

spring and our trash pile.

it's ugly, but i thought we should document the trash pile in all of its glory before we get rid of it. it's been growing for the better part of the past eight months or so.

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11211 Design said...

Wow! I just read through some of the postings on your blog, and am amazed by the work you've been doing together.

I'm about to embark upon a similar project, though slightly smaller in scale, and have loads of questions for you...

How did you manage to get a mortgage for a building without a C of O? Did you eventually find an affordable expediter to work with for DOB permits and filings?
Do you have any advise now that you're so close to completion? And, most importantly, would you do it again?

I look forward to hearing from you. Christina

ryan olah said...

Can't wait to come up and help / hang.