Wednesday, February 6, 2008

almost done with the warsh room.

check out the grout in the first pic; cindy did that last monday while the rest of us were at work. tonight we caulked, towel rods and the vanity, installed the toilet for the final time (after an extended saga involving dan buying the same toilet twice, moving the plumbing two inches, arguing with the lowes plumbing staff, sponging toilet water out of a used toilet, trolling the internet for info about why the heck our toilet doesn't rest against the wall, and finally just putting the original toilet back in). we've got to paint some trim, clean up some caulk, do a little bit of grouting, patch a tile that is loose, and it's basically done. at which point we will all rejoice because we will not have to use the crappy bathroom that some of you have seen. we get to demolish it.
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