Sunday, November 25, 2007

cinder block wall extravaganza!

so, there was a portion of our back yard fence that was a couple of pieces of plywood nailed together. rotten plywood. it fell down a couple of weeks ago, and after a half-hearted attempt at trying to prop it back up, thabo tore the rest of it out (and threw his back out). we decided to cinder block the gap, since the rest of the wall is cinder block.

so, cindy and i googled 'how to lay cinder block,' and two days later, this is what we got. it's a wall, it's not straight, but it's better than rotten wood. i like to think it has character.


Anonymous said...


We were wondering where you got the cinder blocks. We've been looking for a place near Greenpoint/Williamsburg.

Thanks in advance for any info!


brims said...

hi, i was also wondering where you found your cinder blocks. if you could forward any info along that would be great. i am in the williamsburg area as well.