Thursday, October 11, 2007

demolition time...a wall is gone.

in the duplex apartment, on the bottom floor, the space is separated by a couple of walls, a closet, and a small hallway area. all of that is gone now, and our kitchen looks kind of like an unfinished hunting cabin at the moment. lots of plaster dust and trash bags full of debris. the bottom picture is melissa smiling through the pain of stepping on a nail.

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adriana said...

wow guys!! you've been doing so much!! so nice to have that wall out of there....i can't wait to see it all in person. it may not feel like you're making much progress but it certainly seems like it to me, as i sit here on the couch, watching tv, drinking a beer...yes, you're definitely making a lot of progress :)

amanda + daniel said...

wow fisher, way to take one for the team!